Practical Reference Archive
or, Things Your Grandparents Learned Growing Up, but You Probably Didn't.

There are a lot of things that people generally used to know as common knowledge. Gardening, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Food Production and Storage, Cooking & Baking, Hunting, Fishing & Trapping, First Aid & Health, Building things, Fixing things, and much, much more. Fending for yourself was not a lifestyle choice, but life itself. Through the advent of new technologies, the necessity of knowing how to do these things has been dramatically reduced, or eliminated. Few people bake anymore, as the cost of a loaf of bread from a store is substantially less than the time and effort required to bake it at home. Even fewer people grow and preserve their own food. Who can beat a 59 cent can of green beans?! However, the system that is currently in place to deliver these goods is weak. The average grocery store has AT MOST only a few days worth of goods in stock at any given time. If their delivery system suddenly became crippled through a natural disaster, a terrorist attack, civil unrest, or other disruption, the stores would be empty in days. What then? Those who rely exclusively on this system will simply not survive. Preparing yourself will prevent you from being in this situation. That sometimes means preparing yourself against people who did not prepare. People who are scared and starving can be mean. Really, Really Mean.

Following the Boy Scout motto: Be Prepared. The key to emergency preparedness isn't stockpiling goods to cover every contingency, but rather to be informed and have a plan in place. A firm grasp of WHAT to do, and HOW to do it is infinitely more useful than a garage full of supplies that could be wiped out in a mere instant by a flood, fire or rampaging looters. Knowing WHAT to do with your stuff, or how to get by WITHOUT your stuff will keep you alive longer in an emergency; natural or otherwise. Certainly having a well-planned stock of goods and basic tools can make life much easier, but it's more about the quality than the quantity. An extra quart of oil and an air filter stashed in your car can be more valuable than a full mechanic's tool set, and much cheaper and easier to obtain. This sort of simple pre-planning can make the difference between making it through a crisis, or not.

Included below are reference materials that will help you gain a wide array of knowledge before an emergency strikes, so you can meet the challenges as they come, head on. They should at least give some food-for-thought, that hopefully will spur you to action, even if in small but significant ways. Some of these documents might be worth printing out and keeping a hard copy for future reference. For whatever reason, there might not be electricity available to power your computer, rendering electronic copies useless (unless you already read them, and have a photographic memory). Since the file sizes are relatively small, it still might be prudent to put them on a disc, a flash drive, or even load them on your cell phone (a smart phone or PDA can be a great low-power e-reader, if necessary!)

Read 'em once. Read 'em twice. Print a copy. Enjoy!

A Note on Copyright:

As with all written works, the authors put hard work and knowledge into a form that can be distributed, and they should be rewarded for their efforts. In some instances, the authors have graciously given their work freely to anyone who wishes to become informed, provided that those distributing it maintain the original work complete and intact, and do not profit from the materials. Some items below fall into that category (Survival and Austere Medicine, and Where There Is No Doctor, are examples).

Other items are old, for which the copyright has expired, but have been re-released under a fair use, public domain, or creative commons license (Every Step in Canning, Bibles, Historical Texts). Others are references that are freely available over the internet, and distribution is expected. Copyrights on those items are retained by the authors, even if distributed freely (US Forest Service publications, etc).

Some works are rare, or out of print, so a copy could not be obtained for purchase from any source (eg: Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments). I would gladly pay for these if they were available. As they are not, I feel it is more important to preserve the knowledge, than to discard the works over a copyright ambiguity.

However, some works are currently available, though obtaining them may perhaps be a difficult task. In the interest of practicality and fairness, I consider those items offered here to be 'advanced copies' of which I will be seeking physical copies as soon as is logistically practical. For example, 'A Patriot's History of the United States' is currently back-ordered from many sources like Barnes & Noble and Amazon, and may not be available for many weeks, or months.

Therefore, In order to secure a copy without having to wait for physical availability, and just in case they suddenly are no longer available, I have decided to download and make available these electronic copies. I will be purchasing a physical copy as soon as the situation allows, and in good conscience, you should too.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Gardening, Food Production and Preservation:

Title Pages Size/Format Description
Every Step in Canning 130 pages 250k PDF Circa 1920. Old school canning methods from when canning was a household task essential to survival. Basics for fruits, vegetables and meats, as well as 'exotic' foods like canned jack-rabbit, or squirrel!
Joy of Canning 283 pages 770k PDF Over 250 recipes for canning fruits and vegetables. circa 2004
Prudent Food Storage 105 pages 1.5 mb PDF The Prudent Pantry: Your Guide to Building a Food Insurance Program. Questions and Answers. A good resource with lots of information, and also a large index of food storage product manufacturers, from long-conservation pre-packaged foods, to home food storage supplies.
Food Preservation FAQ 283 pages 2.3 mb PDF The Techniques of Food Preserving. Canning, Freezing, Smoking, Dehydrating, Pickling, Curing, Potting and more! Information on equipment, techniques, tips & tricks, do's and Don'ts, spoilage, recipes and resources.
Preserve the Food you Grow 550 pages 48.8 mb PDF Comprehensive guide to harvesting, preparing, preserving and storing home grown food.
Seed Planting Guide 3 pages 28k .xls for region 8b (NW Washington)
Growing Food 342 pages 3.3 mb PDF The Food Production Handbook - The principles and practices used in agriculture and horticulture. In-depth information covering plant growth, soil, fertilizer, seeds & germination, crops, farming systems, insects & disease, food crop classification, and more!
Collecting & Storing Seeds 2 pages 60k PDF Tips on collecting and storing different vegetable and flower seed types.


125 pages 2.2 mb PDF Easy Methods for Every Gardener - Improve your soil, recycle kitchen and yard wastes, grow healthier plants, create an earth-safe garden. Mechanics of composting vegetable matter, compost bin designs and more.
Composting at Home 33 pages 376k PDF Basics of composting, different methods & bin designs.
Gardening Basics for Dummies 433 pages 21.4 mb PDF Garden Prep, Landscaping, Herbs & Produce, FAQs
Organic Gardening for Dummies 388 pages 6 mb PDF With a potential lack of commercial chemicals, these methods may be quite valuable to create a thriving food garden. Covers the basics of organic gardening techniques, soil fertilization, pest control, weed control, FAQs

Pruning Guide for Gardeners

103 pages 12.8 mb PDF Reasons for pruning, techniques, tree anatomy, timing, methods, tools, specifics for different varieties.
Plant Propagation 97 pages 23.7 mb PDF Royal Horticultural Society's Encyclopedia of Practical Gardening - Seeds, Roots, Bulbs and Corms, Layering, Stem Cuttings, Leaf Cuttings, Budding and Grafting. Tools, Techniques, Plant Types and much more.
Apple Growing 59 pages 320k PDF Orchard planning, Pruning, Fertilizing, Insects & Disease, Spraying, Harvesting & Storing
Grafting & Budding 110 pages 2.6 mb PDF A Practical Guide for Fruit and Nut Plants and Ornamentals - Grafting Basics, Budding Techniques, Grafting Techniques, Methods for Selected Species, such as Citrus, Grape, Apple, Roses, Tomatoes & more.
Great Garden Formulas 159 pages 27.2 mb PDF The Ultimate Book of Mix-It-Yourself Concoctions for Your Garden
Harvesting & Storing Garden Vegetables 12 pages 464k PDF Basics of harvesting and storing common garden vegetables.
American Garden Vegetables 100 pages 42.8 mb PDF Garden planning, growth guides, pests & diseases, FAQs
Beekeeping Basics 26 pages 176k PDF Basic summary of Hive types, Hive Management, Honey Harvesting and other beekeeping resources.
Guide to Bees & Honey 219 pages 6.9 mb PDF All about honey bees. Anatomy, Behaviour, Hive Construction, Pests & Diseases, Harvesting Honey & much more.
Cheese Making 126 pages 3 mb PDF

Basic guide to cheese making. Equipment & Supplies, Ingredients, Processes, Pasturizing, Recipes for 60 varieties.

Trapping & Trap Making 240 pages 12.6 mb PDF Camp Life in the Woods and the Tricks of Trapping and Trap Making - Comprehensive information on Camping, Trapping, Traps and Animals.
Raising Goats 64 pages (incomplete) 1.8 mb PDF Barnyard in your Backyard - A Beginners Guide to Raising Goats - Anatomy, different breeds for meat, milk, or wool, Handling, Housing, Feeding, Breeding, Health.
Raising Turkeys 147 pages 3.4 mb PDF Care & feeding, housing, breeding, flock health, butchering, storing and carving after cooking.
Raising Chickens for Dummies 411 pages 5.8 mb PDF Choosing your Chickens, Housing, Care & Feeding, Breeding, Butchering, FAQs.
Basic Butchering 48 pages (incomplete) 3.4 mb PDF Basic Butchering of Livestock & Game - Covers equipment, techniques, step-by-step, cuts, and more for Beef, Veal, Lamb, Venison.
Sausage Making 106 pages 2 mb PDF Tools, techniques, ingredients, varieties, recipes and steps to home sausage making & preservation.
Costco - Emergency Seeds   Link Non Hybrid. 23 easy to grow garden vegetables. Plant about a 50 foot row of each. 5 Yr+ storage life. $50
SorbentSystems   Link Oxygen Absorbers for dry food preservation
Plastic Vertical Water Tanks   Link potable water storage from 22 gallons to 10,000 gallons. 500 gallon tanks for under $300

Food, Cooking, Recipes & Camp Techniques:

Title Pages Size/Format Description
Betty Crocker Cooking Basics 156 pages 1.2 mb PDF Basic recipes, with full instructions, calorie counts, serving sizes and more.
Crockpot Recipes 30 pages 400k PDF Slow-Cooker recipes, whether electric, or in a dutch oven over the fire.
Dutch Oven Cookbooks 170 pages 3.3 mb PDF Tips, techniques and recipes for using a dutch oven over a fire.
Emergency Food Preparation 37 pages 148k PDF Recipes and Techniques for field cooking with limited ingredients. Civil War recipes, cooking techniques, substitutions, and more. Shovel cakes, Hardtack, Cornbread, Beans, 'bunker beef' and other protein sources.
One Pot Meals 23 pages 572k PDF Cooking with limited fuel can be difficult. These one-pot meals can stretch your fuel resources and provide tasty meals.
Soup Recipes 96 pages 400k PDF Water and just a few ingredients can make a warm and comforting meal.
The 1918 Fanny Farmer Cookbook 718 pages 940k PDF Classic American cooking reference. 1,849 recipes.
The Bread Baker Bible 356 pages 756k PDF Bread, Biscuts, Scones, Pizza Dough, Yeast Breads, Rolls.
Trail Recipes 356 pages 320k PDF A Taste of Troup 928 Cookbook. Cooking basics and recipes for camping. Food Handling, Measuring by hand, Meal Planning, and much more.
Grandpappy's Recipes for Hard Times 93 pages 19.6 mb PDF "Simple recipes using ingredients commonly found in many kitchen pantries, useful during an economic depression when few financial and/or food resources are available, or after a natural or manmade disaster that disrupts commerce." Useful tips on stubstitutions, shelf life, baking, home made substitutions for store bought items, recipes and proper preparation of wild game, vegetable recipes, bread recipes, dessert recipes using canned/dry ingredients, recipes and preparation techniques for wild plants.
Sauces & Marinade Recipes 96 pages 244k PDF The basics for creating sauces and marinades to give flavor to your meals.
Substituting Ingredients A to Z 68 pages 192k PDF If there's a shortage of ingredients, use these substitution hints for successful recipes.
Know Your Spices 32 pages 320k PDF List of spices, properties, uses, cultivation and more.



Home Energy Production & Storage:

Title Pages Size/Format Description
Wood Drying Times 73 pages 1.7 mb PDF USDA & US Forest Service - Estimates of Air Drying Times for Several Hardwoods and Softwoods
Link: BTUs per Cord of Firewood, by Species     Which firewoods are best to collect and store for maximum heat value.
The Integral Passive Solar Water Heater Book 108 pages 9.1 mb PDF Breadboxes, Batchers and other types of simple Solar Water Heaters
Solar Hot Water with Heat Exchanger 6 pages 800k PDF A solar collector with heat exchanger allows for using modified fluids in the collector (antifreeze). This allows for year-round useage without the risk of breakage from freezing.
30 year old Solar Hot Water Heater 6 pages 225k PDF New Zealand system that's alive an kicking after many years of good service
Simple Solar Funnel Cooker/Cooler   Link or PDF an easy solar collector/radiator that out-performs most solar ovens. Also makes ice at night!
Solar Cooking Designs & Discussion   Link Lots of resources regarding many different solar cooker designs
Arizona Solar Center   Link or PDF Solar Hot Water: A Primer
Homepower Magazine   Link or PDF Solar Hot Water Basics
Build It Solar   Link Solar Water Heating Projects & Plans
Constructing an Effective Still for Water Purification and Ethanol Production 78 pages 2 mb PDF Create your own purified water, or turn fruit and vegetable scraps into ethanol for fuel, medical use, and barter.
Methodology for Distilling Ethanol- Link     A huge resource for home distillation, from construction to production, and the science behind it.
FEMA Woodgas Conversion for Internal Combustion Engines 66 pages 1.9 mb PDF Construction of a Simplified Wood Gas Generator for Fueling Internal Combustion Engines in a Petrolium Emergency
Woodgas as Engine Fuel 139 pages 732 K PDF Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations - Wood Gas as Engine Fuel
Handbook_of_Biomass_Downdraft_Gasifier_Engine_Systems 148 pages 9.8 mb PDF US Department of Energy - Solar Technical Information Program - Building small scale gasifiers to convert biomas to useable gas for vehicles and other industrial uses.

Medical Reference:

Title Pages Size/Format


Ditch Medicine:
Advanced field procedures for emergencies
113 pages (double pages) 9.3 mb PDF

Reading this one casually might gross you out, but you will know what to expect if the need ever arose. Covers basic treatments for minor events, as well as step-by-step help for major wounds of all kinds.

Survival and Austere Medicine: An Introduction 213 pages 3.9 mb PDF Written and edited by the Remote, Austere, Wilderness and Third World Medicine discussion board moderators.
Where There Is No Doctor:
A Village Health Care Handbook
512 pages 24 mb PDF Extremely thorough reference on basic medical care that can be done by anyone, in any part of the world, regardless of training. From emergency medicine to general health advice. Diagnosis and treatments with limited resources.
Where There Is No Dentist 240 pages 6.8 mb PDF Dental care and treatment in limited conditions. Contains information on many oral maladies, besides just dental.
Red Cross War Surgery
Working with Limited Resources in Armed Conflict and other situations of Violence.
357 pages 6 mb PDF Graphic, yet informative. Major medical in front-line circumstances. Effects of ballistics on the body, and treatment protocols. Caution: Color photographs of major trauma examples.
First Aid for Soldiers 309 pages 2.1 mb PDF FM-2111 Emergency medical procedures for soldiers in the field.
Book for Midwives 538 pages 21.1 mb PDF Complete reference on pregnancy, prenatal care, labor & childbirth. Nutrition, family planning, post-natal care, dealing with complex situations with minimal equipment.
What's In a Good Medical Kit 7 pages 28k PDF A quick list of the most useful items to have in a complete medical kit.
Colloidal Silver Production 6 pages 68k PDF Manufacture your own topical antiseptic & disinfectant silver solution using electricity and .9999 fine silver wire. There are many reported uses for Colloidal Silver, and it was frequently used as an antiseptic and germicide, before the development of modern antibiotics in the 1940's.
Herbal Remedies Guide 400 pages 5.4 mb PDF Complete Idiot's Guide to Herbal Remedies - Herb identification, storage, cultivation, uses, treatments for maladies A - Z, preventative uses.
Making Soap & Candles 126 pages 884k PDF The Art of Manufacturing Soap and Candles - Hard, Soft & Toilet Soaps...Making of Tallow and Composite Candles. Old and thorough book on the science and methodologies of soap making. A few modern notes added. A thick read, written in a verbose and formal style likely unfamiliar to most modern readers. The information is sound, however, and relies on many older methods that may be useful in austere situations. Some modern substitues are noted for ease of adapting recipes.


Survival & Emergency Preparedness:

Title Pages Size/Format Description
How to Survive the Collapse of Civilization 130 pages 856k PDF Practical, low-cost strategies for coping with global epidemics, terrorist attacks, electrical grid disruptions, food and water shortages-and much more
The Modern Survival Retreat 59 pages (double pages) 8.2 mb PDF A New and Vital Approach to Retreat Theory and Practice
Urban Survival 101 pages 29.6 mb PDF A hard-times guide to survival in the city. Food, Shelter, Water, Combat, and other techniques geared toward the urban environment.
How to Hide Anything 111 pages 3.5 mb PDF Practical methods to make things difficult to find either by casual observance, or rigorous search.
US Army Survival Manual 676 pages 20 mb PDF Publication FM 21-76. Army basics on essential information regarding food, shelter, way-finding and medicine.
SAS Survival Guide 195 pages 78.2 mb PDF British version of the US Survival Manual. Food, Medical, Camp, Rescue.
Survival, Evasion & Recovery 107 pages 3 mb PDF Army, Marine, Navy, Airforce manual on Wayfinding, Shelter, Food, Evasion, Signaling and more.
Nuclear Crisis Planning 124 pages 7.7 mb PDF FEMA publication HS-4: Preparedness Planning for a Nuclear Crisis: A Citizens guide to Civil Defense and Self-Protection. How an atomic bomb blast works, protecting yourself from blast and fallout, sheltering, evacuation, supplies and more.
EMP and Your Equipment 2 pages 1.9 mb PDF American Survival Guide, March 1987
Article on EMP Protection   Link or PDF  
Articles on EMP and Nuclear Weapons   Link  
Lessons from Argentina 28 pages 1.6 mb PDF a very sobering account of the effect that the collapse of the Argentine economy(1999 - 2002) had on its citizens, as seen through the eyes of one of them. The economic collapse wiped out the middleclass and raised the level of poverty to 57.5%. Thoughts on current situations, how to survive, a wish list of things to have had before the collapse, strategies for coping, etc.
How Long Can You Tread Water? 16 pages Link or PDF

In the event of an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) burst 250 miles above Kansas or a super solar flare, the loss of the electrical grid would stop almost all food production and importation in the USA. Some estimate there is, at any given time, more than 1,000 pounds per capita of food in consumable form available in the USA. Unfortunately, it is very poorly distributed and will not be available to the populace in a “Grid Down” scenario. So the question is then, if you personally have not stored at least a three years supply of food per person (and, no, a one year supply just won’t do), “How long can you live on a zero calorie diet”?

Thoughts on long-term survial in a grid-down scenario. Food, looters, rebuilding, etc.

Emergency Drinking Water 9 pages 200k PDF Planning for water storage and treatment for emergency situations.
Solar Water Purification 1 page 1.6 mb JPG Simple method for solar water purification. Use the sun's natural UltraViolet spectrum to treat drinking water.
Handbook of Knots & Splices 152 pages 1.2 mb PDF A practical and simple guide to all the basic techniques involved in tying hempen, synthetic and wire ropes. Described in detail and clearly illustrated
Pioneering Knots & Lashings 18 pages 1.9 mb PDF Basic knots and uses for ropes, cords and more.
The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments 114 pages 27.9 mb PDF © 1960 How to set up a home laboratory - Over 200 simple experiments. Basic principles of chemestry demonstrated with easy experiments using minimal home-made laboratory apparatus. Also contains formulas and processes for producing chemicals that may be practical if no longer commercially available.


Self Defense & Weapons References:

Title Pages Size/Format Description
Get Tough! 50 pages 1 mb PDF How to win in Hand-to-Hand Fighting, as taught to the British Commandos and U.S. Armed Forces.
Combat Training FM 21-150 229 pages 4.8 mb PDF US Army Infantry School - Hand to Hand Combat & Rifle-Bayonet fighting.
Handloader's Manual 400 pages 33 mb PDF 1937 - "A Treatise on Modern Cartridge Components and their Assembly by the Individual Shooter into accurate Ammunition to best suit his various purposes." Info on cartridges, casting, reloading, ballistics, and more!
Hatcher's Notebook 636 pages 74.5 mb PDF 1947 A Standard Reference Book for Shooters, Gunsmiths, Ballisticians, Historians, Hunters & Collectors. Very thorough reference.

Accurate Arms

406 pages 11.8 mb PDF 2002 - Pistol, Rifle and Shotshell loading data for Acurate powders.
ADI Reloaders Guide 75 pages 2.8 mb PDF 2000 - Pistol, Rifle and Shotshell loading data for ADI powders.
Alliant Powder 53 pages 1 mb PDF Reloaders Guide - Pistol, Rifle and Shotshell loading data for Alliant powders.
Hodgdon Reloader Manual 80 pages 1.2 mb PDF 2002 - Pistol, Rifle and Shotshell loading data for Hodgdon powders.
IMR Handloaders Guide 60 pages 392k PDF Pistol, Rifle and Shotshell loading data for IMR powders.
Ramshot Handloading Guide 57 pages 2.8 mb PDF Pistol, Rifle and Shotshell loading data for Ramshot powders.
Vihta Vuori Reloading Guide 58 pages 776k PDF Pistol, Rifle and Shotshell loading data for Vihta Vuori powders.


History, Politics, and General Literature:

Title Pages Size Description
The Constitution of the United States 19 pages 384k PDF Ninteen simple pages that outline the most powerful principles of self governance the world has ever seen. "A Republic, Ma'am, if you can keep it!" (Benjamin Franklin)
The Federalist Papers     (I'm still trying to find a digital version of this...)
A Patriot's History of the United States 1007 pages 5.5mb PDF From Columbus' Great Discovery to the War on Terror - A new and fair approach to US History, without the progressive slant from left-leaning teachers trying to rewrite history.
Revolutionary America
A Political History
337 pages REMOVED Revolutionary America 1763 - 1815 explains the crucial events in the history of the UnitedStates between 1763 and 1815, when settlers of North America rebelled against British rule, won their independence in a long and bloody struggle,and created an enduring republic. THIS ITEM HAS BEEN REMOVED AT THE REQUEST OF THE COPYRIGHT HOLDER
Glenn Beck - BROKE 453 pages 31.7mb ePub The plan to restore our Trust, Truth and Treasure. ePub format. Download Adobe 'Digital Editions' ePub reader software for free from, HERE.
The Coming Insurrection 70 pages 1.9mb PDF

Know Thy Enemy! - Often called the 'bible' or 'handbook' for the communist radical left. See how they think, and what they're planning.

STORM Handbook 53 pages 848k PDF Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement. San Francisco ultra-left handbook on Marxist Revolutions. Theory, Strategy, co-opting other movements to promote your own agenda.
Weathermen Manifesto 28 pages 624k PDF You don't have to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. 1960's radical Marxist organization "The Weathermen", and later "The Weather Underground". Responsible for bombings at the Pentagon and other locations in the U.S.. It's Founders now surround the President and permiate the administration. Discover their vision for the United States
Ayn Rand - Atlas Shrugged 1053 pages 2.9 mb PDF  
Ayn Rand - The Fountainhead 615 pages 2.1 mb PDF  
Crusades - The Illustrated History 228 pages 50.6 mb PDF Religious warfare, once thought to be an artifact of a distant past, has reemerged in recent years. A spate of Islamist terrorist attacks have reminded the western world that for many people religion is still a reason to kill and to be killed. That is a hard lesson for the West, which long ago relegated religious belief to personal preference and celebrates religious diversity; it requires westerners to look beyond modern sensibilities to a medieval world view that, for them, has largely passed away - for it has not passed away everywhere.
Medieval History 963 pages 13.5 mb PDF The New Cambridge Medieval History covers the transitional period between the later Roman world and the early Middle Ages, c.500 to c.700. This was an era of developing consciousness and profound change in Europe, Byzantium and the Arab world, an era in which the foundations of medieval society were laid and to which many of our modern myths of national and religious identity can be traced. This book offers a comprehensive regional survey of the sixth and seventh centuries, from Ireland in the west to the rise of Islam in the Middle East, and from Scandinavia in the north to the Mediterranean south. It explores the key themes pinning together the history of this period, from kingship, trade and the church, to art, architecture and education. It represents both an invaluable conspectus of current scholarship and an expert introduction to the period.
Maps that Made History 193 pages 19.3 mb PDF We need maps. We have always needed maps. We always will. The marks found in the caves of our ancestors have been interpreted as maps and every society that has existed throughout history, in every corner of the globe, has created its own maps. They form one of the ways by which each society has sought to represent, record and communicate its world.While the scale, size and detail may vary all maps show the relationship between one place and another. They include the details that are, or were, deemed significant and omit the ones that are or were not. No map has ever, nor can ever show 'everything'.
Globe Projection from 1607 JPG image 12.4 mb Great old map from 1607. Illustrations of various world locales in the margins.
Bibles & Literature on Religion RTF format documents 113 mb zip file Contains 6+ version of the bible, from King James to Webster to Latin! Features 211 Doré biblical wood cut images. 275 other Christian texts including the 95 Theses by Martin Luther. Also includes texts by major world religions and other ancient writings: The Illiad, the Odyssey, Egyptian writings, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and more.
Philosophy Texts TXT format documents 10.4 mb zip file 90+ works from philosophers throughout history, including: Dewey, Berkeley, Hume, Sun Tsu, Spinoza, Descartes, Kant, Nietzsche, Aristotle, Plato and more.
World History Texts TXT format documents 103 mb zip file Over 500 texts, Ancient history, explorer accounts and histories of 22 countries. Covers US History from the Mayflower Compact of the Colonial Period, through the Post Civil-War era. Historical documents & writings from Australia, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Russia, China, Japan and many more.
Food in Medieval Times 284 pages 1.2 mb PDF An interesting look into types of food, preparation, regional cuisine, eating habits and more in medieval times.